I have moved

I know you're thinking moved geographic states (or states of mind) but all my future postings, until further notice will be found here


Well at least I'm not the only one thinking it

This comment is in reference to todays CNN money article about Apple's $15 billion cash surplus.

Finally, there’s always the chance that Jobs will surprise us all, break with tradition, and buy something big. Consider this: With the money burning a hole in Apple’s pocket, he could easily buy TiVo (TIVO), Netflix (NFLX) and Circuit City (CC), and still have plenty left in the bank.

I should be a consultant.....


Come on Apple

Give the god damn iTV a HD-DVD drive and HDMI output and switch iTunes movies to a pay-per-month Comcast On-Demand style delivery, plug in an intuitive DVR, aka buy Tivo. Then all of this multi-device, go to the rental movie retailer bull shit is over.


When direct marketing hits a little to close for comfort

Better start doing more pushups


alright already, I'll blog.....

So after a few blog comments and a texted "WTF, I thought you're dead" messages I figured I best get off my ass an type something in here. Lets start with the highlights...

Found a new place to live, check
Packed my shit, check
Drove a semi up to my new place of residence, check
Unpacked most of my shit to a friend's basement, check
Started working again, check
Found a dirty Chinese take out joint, check
Found an amazing Italian joint, check
Sold my old house, almost checked
Snow, check

So being in a location that has seasons again is a welcome return to something I once knew well. During the morning jog it smells like cottonwood trees, I see pheasants and prairie dogs, and hear geese and train whistles. It reminds me a lot of Montana and my youth which is quite soothing for some reason. E and I live within 30 minutes of downtown Denver and have not had the slightest urning to go to the city, well that is a lie, we did wanted to go to football game or two, but still no desire to be in the city. Living in the city almost feels like a distant past already, I think I've finally got my urban dwelling out of my system. It only took a decade or so it seems. So I'll leave with you a few pictures of our neighborhood, the running trail, and the Honda braving the elements.