amazingly unnoteworthy

Well its been a few days since I actually wrote something. Busy is the classic excuse right? So if I was busy I should have tons to write about right? Wrong. I just wrapped up a half ass attempt at doing my homework. Technically its done but if I get anything better than a "try again moron" I'd be surprised. Things that did happen in recent history, running with Ryan, a trip to Casa Grande to look at some multi-story apartments (ancient dwellings), and a night of debauchery with the gang.

So running with Ryan was everything I hoped it would be. We got lots of time to chat, catch up, and get to know a few things we have probably been wanting to ask each other since this whole thing got started. It was a great time, and I got my ten mile run in to boot. Two birds with one stone, not bad for a Saturday, eh?

Friday E and I went down to Casa Grande to look at the ruins. I have to say the roof over the top sort of takes away from it a bit, but it was interesting all the same. Got some fun pictures and got out of town for a spell so that was nice.

I hate to make this a journal entry but I haven't posted as of late and didn't want to let anyone down. I need to get to my Christmas shopping done and that is not so difficult, its coming up with decent gift ideas for everyone. I think this year everyone will get a gift card to walmart, a 6-pack of Corona, and a phone call if they are lucky. Sorry folks just don't have the patience for gift giving. Now receiving that is a different story!!!


B said...

Greedy bastard...
Hey Goose! Where's Maverick?

B said...

Why did they put a roof over some ruins that have lasted for a few hundred years? Plus, they are "REUINS", they aren't new or going to improve. Silly Casa Grandeians.