for god sake just open it!

So here at my place of employment we have lots of automated building facilities like any other building or corporate campus might have. You know badge activated revolving doors, automated flushing urinals, and automatic paper towel dispensers. One oddity is that we have automated glass double doors between some of the buildings. These are to meet disability requirements I’m sure. So these doors open and close automagically if you are coming into or out of the building. I personally find them annoying because they don’t open quick enough for my walking pace and I always have to wait or push them open to maintain my speed and heading. The reason I bring this up, is that time-to-time the sensors that detect the approaching pedestrians stop working on occasion and people walk right up to the door and just stare at it, confused and dumbfounded by this epicly confusing device known as the door. Now the humorous part is that you can see through the glass and watch their priceless expression. They look like a caveman staring at a Zippo for the first time. Now don’t get me wrong I know they expect the door to open, it’s what they are used to, but you would think that this would not stump them. I can't imagine a door being a complex problem that boggles the mind. Either grab the handle and pull or push on the bar, its quite simple people. Either open the door or get the hell out of my way, your inability to operate this centuries old device know as a door is getting my way.

The kicker to all this is that last night I told Eve that I had a blog entry nearly ready to go about the doors at work.She replied, "the Doors were at your work?" In which I replied, "yes, Jim Morrison stood on my cubicle and serenaded me with Riders on the Storm in a cappella", or something to that effect. Either way I think Eve was born in the wrong decade, but I'm very grateful she was.


Curtis said...

They have automatic handicap door at school too. They have the huge blue pushplate for the disabled to activate the door or if you start to open in manually it starts the automatic sequence at its own pace. If you try to force the door open faster there is alot of resistance because you are fighting against the motor. Why in the hell was there no slip/clutch device engineered into the damned thing?

I avoid those doors as often as I can.

Briana said...

Well said.