snow, ice, and bodily injury

Now that my wrists have returned to a mostly normal state, I thought I should get back to blogging. This last weekend I found myself knee deep in this oddly cold white substance. It was quite interesting and must be unique to regions that are not generally referred to as sweltering portions of scorched earth. Now really is not the time to be complaining about weather in the Valley, because living in the desert in February is as some would say, glorious. Regardless, the crisp mountain air and the joys of riding a chairlift remind me of the free spirited days of my youth. Someday I would love to return to this life, if I could just convince my parents to start paying for everything again! In mentioning this to them I'll be sure to leave out the fact that my tastes are much more expensive now, and I also require a beer allowance.

So with no regard for my own physical health and well being I decided to attempt the art of snowboarding. In making this decision I thought to myself, “you can ride a skateboard, snowboarding shouldn’t be a problem right?” Two throbbing wrists, a strained groin, bruised knees, and partially crushed tail bone later I realized snowboarding IS just like skateboarding, except its down a steep hill of concrete hard sheets of ice, at twice the speed, with no ability to bail due to being strapped to a five foot plastic sled of death. With all that out of the way, I would say we had a great time and I hope to go again soon, although my body would prefer I just ride the chairlift and drink Alpines. 


Tom said...

At least the snow kept the swelling down.

tes said...

where you at dog?
don't you know it's peanut-butta-jelly time???