"i want to hear how the marathon training is going"

Ask and you shall receive, "how is the training going", you asked and I’m going to let you into my little training world, but be prepared for the shock and awe of endurance training that is absolutely lacking any shock and awe.

So when most people decide to run a marathon, they do some research, talk to others that have done it, get advice from the experienced runners, read an article or two or three, and consult their physician. Then there is me, and my though process went about like this, “wow Tracie ran a marathon that is so fucking cool, I want to do that too! I lack originality and am a follower, I'm going to run a marathon” I think I was drinking beer at that point....Yes I must of been that is the only rational explanation.

So how did I decide to start my training, well let’s get a few of the details out of the way. From the single article I read, training for a marathon requires dedication and sacrifices. So what do I do? I basically call them liars and decide to start a training regimen that will affect my life as little as possible. Marathon training cut into my social life, get out of here!

Next step pick a training regimen. So like any savvy person I jump on the answer machine (Google) and search "marathon training". The first entry that caught my eye looked like a winner, so book marked it and deemed it my training regimen. After all that intensive research, dedication, and sacrifice I went and took a nap, I was exhausted.

Next week I decided to look at the training regimen that, based on extensive research, best fit me for all the following reasons: one, I found it first and with the least effort. So while looking at the training regimen I realized that it was going to be a lot of work, just the thought of it all was exhausting. So I drove down to the drive-thru, bought a milkshake, and then sat on my couch and watched FitTV. Man it’s awesome to be inspired by fitness.

So the first few days of running started and by the end of week two or so I had what felt like a strained achillies tendon so, like any experienced runner, I ignored the pain and kept running because I’m amazingly dedicated to my craft. The next day I laid in bed, ate advil like red hots, and quit....But only temporarily because some day I'll recover from this amazing ignorant approach to endurance race training and be stronger and more dedicated.

Over then next few weeks of recovery I meticulously monitored my diet of Zingers and Dr Pepper to ensure I was maintaining higher than average sucrose and overly processed starch levels. My nutrition and diet plan worked, several weeks later and 15 pounds heavier I emerged a new man.

Since then the mornings have been grueling, especially the getting up and dressing part, and the Sunday mornings have been long, rewarding, but tiring as well. Today I recorded a 14+ mile day, only a few more miles to go before I reach the mark I've been telling everyone I’ve already run. 


Tom said...


I give you two thumbs and two big toes up for this one.

Now if you will excuse me I need to get up before someone kicks me.

tes said...

you're awesome! :) you sound as ridiculous as me. god, 14 miles! i can't even imagine it anymore...when is your marathon?

tes said...

what is your marathon training plan? i'd love to see it.

tes said...

holy crap c!!! i just looked at your times in your resolutions sheet, and they are SPECTACULAR!!! :) do you have a time goal for the marathon? keep it up!

A.L.O said...

I'd love to come in under 4 hours but that is a stretch considering the race and my lack of prep. Right now its to finish before the course closure of 6 hours.