welcome to fabulous las vegas

When I'm really looking forward to going somewhere, I have a tendency to pack early. Now if E is not around I have a tendency to pack even earlier. Now place in the equation that I'm home alone, very much looking forward to picking up E in Vegas and you have guessed correctly, I've already packed for Friday.

This is quite a feat considering I've just returned from Vegas on Sunday, after spending several days there amongst generally unbathed miscreants and good friends. I have a soft spot for Vegas, a place where I have been quite upset, but this is generally eclipsed by the fondness I have for the great times I've spent there.

I hope this trip, however short, goes as well.

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B said...

I LOVE Vegas!
Where can you go to a computer security conference, gamble like crazy, race go-karts, shoot assault rifles and get charged $2.75 for a can of Mt. Dew?
Vegas baby, Vegas.