Come on Apple

Give the god damn iTV a HD-DVD drive and HDMI output and switch iTunes movies to a pay-per-month Comcast On-Demand style delivery, plug in an intuitive DVR, aka buy Tivo. Then all of this multi-device, go to the rental movie retailer bull shit is over.


Tom said...

I love my TiVo box... if you combined HD DVD and on demand TV with it while allowing me to access my iTunes library I would be such a happy person...

Sadly your dealing with comcast a company notorious for the doing the bare minimum to get by. And Apple loves to keep people out of their hardware though if I had to pick a hardware platform to hack on Apple TV or a MacMini wins.

At least I have TiVo + Amazon Unbox... that mostly gets the job done but still leaves something to be desired.

A.L.O said...

I still think, if I could pull on- demand HD DVD movies and programing to a device that does Tivo-esqe functions, you could score a lot of converts to your platform. Both Comcast and Apple have the content delivery mechanism to do it, I just don't' know what they are waiting for. I guess Comcast already has all the functions, they unfortunately are regional and the On-Demand selection is small. I guess the picture should include the NetFlix movie library as well.