prepare for the cyborg revolution

So I've been sitting on this blog space for some time now, waiting for my departure over the pond that seems to be fading off into eternity. Although I still intend on going, things are becoming somewhat bleak and frustrating to the point I've decided to develop a contingency plan. For all of you that know me, planning is generally my thing, planning and lists that is. So part of my plan was to start using this blog, I've wanted to write for some time now but had been postponing it for my arrival in Deutschland. I had to make a few edits to make it relevant to my geographic location but things seem to be in good order now.

So for an opening blog I was hoping to have a wonderful topic full of hope and future promise, but for some reason I can't seem to stir one up write now. You have to have a pun, it’s required. I've been writing to myself a lot lately, which is an odd thing to do especially for me. Not really a journal of sorts but more thoughts, feelings, and all that other stuff people don't really want to be bored with, so I don't share. Well except for E and B, they get the brunt of my thoughts, feelings, and emotions, which obvious to some and less to others is a lot to deal with. E also believes due to my new found interest in books, writing, and not wanting to work that I'm a cyborg.

Just so you are all aware, Dick Cheney is a cyborg also and it seems to be a trend. Its best you devise a list of questions only the people very, very close to you would know answers to. These questions will provide you with the ammunition you need identify an impostor. Also for all you cyborgs that are reading this don't worry we already know who you are.

Cyborg questions for some of you, you know who you are.

1. If a chef, 2 geeks, a crocheter, and Indiana Jones were to paint squares what color would they be?

2. I was on a road trip and I got a flat tire and that was why I couldn’t make it to work. Which tire was it?

3. If I play rummy, who’s wouldn’t I want to be on my team?

4. I have a tendency to use acronyms, but what in god’s name is TOAO.


B said...

Sweet! I just took your blog posting virginity! Call me the Virgin Slayer!
I feel good that I could prove my non-cyborgness by answering two of those questions. I won't post the answers because of the obvious reasons. Theeeyyy'rreee heeeerrrreee!!!

B said...

P.S. Love the search words. They definitely seem appropriate for the blog.

tes said...

i have no idea what your post is about, but i'm glad you posted it.


tes said...

i love your 'about me' section. mucho mucho.

A.L.O said...

Well its official, tes is a cyborg. For the "Virgin Slayer", search terms are the key to increasing my popularity in virtual reality which has absolutely no bearing on my real life except if for some freak reason I did get a lot of hits I’d add Google Ads and make some cash.

Evey Marievey said...

Tell Chad P. up there that I feel violated by his virgin slaying claim...and If I feel violated then you certainly must!
Also, I put a plug for your blog in my blog and added your newly reality sized button to my list. You can thank me tonight ;)

Tom said...

1. My guess is the geeks would try to paint white squares because one of them has a aversion to color and the other one would take six hours to paint a square foot of wall... so you would have one white square amongst the yellow and lavendar of the chef would cover a good portion of the wall. The crochet person would use whatever color is freely avalible and base the color selection upon the current season. Indian Jones would not paint the wall since he is neither married nor real... that and Harrison Ford is a fossil.

2. Your spare tire would be the one that is flat that prevents you from going into work. I don't know why but it seems like the most logical answer since your on a road trip you probably checked your tires ahead of time.

And your concerned with going into work while on a road trip why?

3. My guess one of the two geeks from question 1... probably the one with a aversion to color.

4. No clue you should really google that.