real estate responsiblities

So from what I hear from others is that the key to this writing shtick is content. Not flashy designs or cool gizmos but what is available to read. So I’m going to make a valiant effort to update this bad boy at least 5 days a week. Only five you say, well if you are wondering why that is check out the profile and you will see among my interests “maximizing free time”. Now my current work situation is a great instigator of that interest which I truly appreciate. Matter a fact today I had the opportunity to share lunch with E and get my face rearranged by the orthodontist, all on someone else’s nickel. Anyway I digress.

So to the topic at hand. Responsibility, I wanted to go to Vegas this weekend but I have crap that needs to get done. Really this shouldn’t stop me, it never has in the past but I’ve never really tried to sell a house before and I would like to be prepared as best I can for the first weekend of random strangers milling through my house at their convenience. Secondly its costly to go to Vegas this weekend, a big car show is in town and all the cheap rooms are booked up, aka government rate.

Back to the house, it’s weird to think about someone else going through your stuff. Should I clean my pots and pans cupboard, or sweep the patio. The real estate agent says it’s fine so I’ll just try to get the things done she recommended but still seems weird. Still I remember walking through other people’s houses while they still lived there and that was odd, I can’t imagine having someone walk through mine while I am there. I guess it’s the nature of the beast but still seems awkward. I hope it sells fast and if you curious to see the listing check it out here. Wait that is an invitation to serial killers, and robbers. I'll show the listing when it sells, wish us luck. Just so you know it’s an equal opportunity listing, that includes cyborgs.

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tes said...

best of luck with the home-selling process. i am sure everything will go smoothly. just try to make sure that the giant bags of umm...things...are removed before people come browsing. :)