home again, home again, jigitty-jig

So we * made it back to the motherland. I almost placed a "finally" back there where the asterisk is, but really I felt like I was only gone a wink. I have tons and tons to say but it will have to wait till tomorrow when I'm rested and after I've stuck it to the Republican party by breaking my own rule and voting totally partisian. (wow quite the run on) Make sure and vote tomorrow, if you vote for who you think is the right person your vote is not a waste. I know that comes off very John Madden but just remember we need to turn the tide a bit so please keep that in mind. (fragment consider revising)


B said...

Can't wait to hear how the trip was and maybe see more pics.
But was this a mistake at the end? "(fragment consider revising)" Were you really editing and expanding your own post and making comments?
If so, what grade did you give yourself for this post? Do you get a chance to re-work it and post it again later? Senor Albertson would be proud.

A.L.O said...

yeah, i added that. My grammer is amazingly poor and I hate it but was too lazy to correct it. Grammar grade F-, blog grade D+

B said...

You'd better do well on the "wuxtras" to improve that grade.