a trip to canada

Well I have to say this vacation goes down in history books as one of the most memorable for many reasons. I’ve had some fun trips, Oahu, road-tripping US-Canada, Big Island, and so on and so forth but this one was a blast. Except for maybe a few hours the entire six days we were there, it rained, but we did not let the rain get us down. Matter a fact the last stroll through the streets I really came to embrace that northwestern rain, it poured down like it never wanted me to leave, as if it was trying to trap me and keep me there forever. To be honest it was difficult to resist, it held me so strong.

So to recap some of the happenings I will give it to you in somewhat of an itinerary style. Monday we got our asses out of bed to headed off to the airport.

It’s always easier to get up for vacation that it is to get up for almost anything else. We had to fly United unfortunately but the flights were timely and mostly uneventful, minus some great Rocky Mountain views on the way over.

Landing in Vancouver was odd, it felt homey in some weird way, although I’ve only been there a few times before, once with Eve and a couple times with shipmates when I lived in Seattle. It felt like I was returning to a familiar place, someplace I felt awkwardly comfortable. The first thing we did is get out and kick around the streets of Vancouver (ok we got the luggage, rental car, and checked-in to the hotel but that is in material). After getting our bearings straight around the local area we went in search of food. Canada loves its A&W but we opted for something a little less franchise and went to a Lebanese pita place. If I believed in a god, I would have thank him/her/it for that decision, the food was fantastic, sorry Pita Pit I love you dearly but you are no Lebanese Pita Wrap.

Most of the rest of the day and into the night was spent milling about streets, indulging in Canadian McDonalds, and then watching “Talladega Nights”. Normally we would steer clear of Mickey D’s and movies but they serve up their burgers with mayonnaise and we had to experience it first hand again, also we got up damn early and were a wee bit spent. For those of you have questioned watching legend of Ricky Bobby, I encourage you see but make sure you indulge in a spot of wine or beer before hand, takes the edge off and makes it immensely funny.

The next day we indulged in coffee, local sites, local food, and Chinatown until the Museum of Anthropology opened at the University of British Columbia. The museum was grand with tons and tons to look at. Masks, totems, sculptures, tools, you name it, and it was there. The artifacts on display sparked and interesting conversation between E and I about totems, masks, and other items on display being art or a required function of First Nation (Canadian for Native American) society. As you can imagine me arguing with E at an anthropology museum did not bode well for me.

The next day we left Vancouver boarded the BC Ferries and headed to Victoria, regarded as being very British portion of Canada. This was sort of odd after all the pro-French stuff we were getting used to. Victoria was pretty but defiantly touristy, but they did have the Royal Museum which was pretty cool. The museum displayed lots of nature exhibits this time of year, and some great WWII propaganda posters which I love. We also visited the Royal Wax Museum which was bazzar and fun all at once. Its hard to really describe, its just a bunch of replicas of famous folk and an exhibit on tourture and dungeons. That last part was sort of creepy.

After another day of touring Victoria on foot and window-shopping at the most organic and hemp product stores you could possibly fit in 6 block radius, we once again loaded up our stuff and headed back to Vancouver. Vancouver again felt like home to me and after checking into our hotel went out to a French fast-food place that had an amazing ham & cheese panini which they offered a bowl of mayonnaise for dipping, I think E nearly wept in joy. That evening we attended a James Blunt concert, which was fantastic. I’m becoming quite the fan I think. I’m looking forward to a new album so that is a good sign right? He has an uncanny ability to convey emotion in his music and in performance, I will defiantly be giving him more of my money.

The next morning we had to leave, it was a sad, sad morning and we walked away the sorrow in a downpour only Vancouver could have provided. I was glad it was raining, I think it masked a few of my tears. Well that was Canada in not so much of a nutshell. Hope I didn’t bore you to death. For those of you who don’t read and I know who you are, I included pictures for you.


tes said...

so good to hear about your trip!!! it sounds like you have a home away from home...

B said...

I love that WWII poster of buying war bonds! Those posters from that time period are all great.
Glad you two had such a great trip, but I'm glad that you're back. And I'm sure your heart is glad that you're out of the mayo-country.