quit bitching you could have his job

I'm still on vacation......in my mind and that is what matters right? So I stuck it to Tuesday in traditional fashion yesterday and didn't go into work. They don't even ask why anymore, my coworkers just tell me its nice to see me back. Ok side note the lady that just walked by said "my back hurts because I've been sleeping in too many different beds". Now that shit is hilarious. On the topic of side notes I put a bunch of new pictures up from the trip so check the photo section here, or use the link up top there. I placed one of the pictures into my blog header and I'm stoked on how it turned out. I actually took the picture with that and mind and it work. Who would of guessed, not me.

Back to the topic at hand. Work, I hate it. I have a good job, good pay, and they basically let me do what I want. Hell I'm writing this at work and usually do homework, but I still hate it. I hate being a slave, getting up and dragging ass in here and wasting my day away. I really can't wait till its over. I've been slowly abolishing my debts and will retire when they all have gone and I have some cash to spare. Then its on to the good life of working until I have enough for my next adventure. I'm not sure why I think this life is going to be so much better. I'm still going to have to pay bills, pay rent, and have a job. I will just get paid less and work harder, but for some reason it seems right. If you haven't notice I've lost all hope of going to Germany but supposedly its still coming, but who knows.

Oh the guy in the picture is washing windows on the 31st floor of a hotel in a Vancouver downpour, just so you know. Also go blue, we have won the congress and might get senate until W decides to work his Luciferesque magic and we lose both. I not celebrating early, I'm just celebrating while I can.

Until next time kids, which might be today because I'm feel like sharing lots lately, have a great day.


B said...

Who would have known that Montana would be such a political powerhouse to be won?
Listen up punks, we're not just "that giant yellow state up in the empty quarter of the country" anymore!
But sadly, yes, we still are chock full of anti-government Freeman and people who live in shacks.

tes said...

the pics are GREAT! :) the one of you in front of the laptop is how i always picture you. can't believe how long your hair is hippie!!!

i'm stoked on all the blue too, but they'll probably all turn out to be a bumbling group of idiots too...i was disappointed on a lot of the ballot measures tho...but i won't go into that...

the picture looks AWESOME on your page!!! oh, and your germany storyline sounds very familiar...;)

that's all of my comments for now. :)