i wish traveling on a freeway, beneath this graveyard western sky

One of many interesting conversations I had with Curtis this weekend was about clarity. When have we felt clarity, where do think most clearly, and what helps that thought process. I have the my most difficult thoughts behind the wheel of a car. Not safe right? When I'm driving with a slight tune in the background my mind quickly finds the things that I'm struggling with. It doesn't take long to find this mindset and its not easy to break. Normally as I drive by myself its the most profound but even if I'm accompanied I slip into this thought process.

Lately my mind has been in overdrive, no pun intended, I have a lot on my mind and I thought that being behind the wheel would help, I would be able to tackle the hurdles of my mind. Unfortunately this is not happening, I'm having the internal struggles but I don't like my solutions. I feel that I'm not talking to myself, everything that I believe is being shoved aside to make a huge square peg fit a round pin hole. Basically the car is failing me, it brings the conflict but not the answers, or maybe its just not the answers I want.


tes said...

i know i commented on this post!!! did my comment not get approved?!?! wow. i've never been banned before...let's see if you put this one up. :)

you know c, you are becoming more and more like THE MAN every day. :)

A.L.O said...

I know this new thing called the internet is confusing but you have to hit the "Publish Your Comment" button for it to work. I've been the man though and it makes me feel shitty sometimes.

tes said...

does not compute.
does not compute.

i'm sure it was a stupid comment anyway. :P