musical mood ring

Someone once told me the imaginary little girl in their mind would dance if the song they were listening to was good. I thought this very interesting at the time and meant to say something about it but never did. For me a good song comes to me in one of two ways. One, I know the song is great instantly. The hair on my neck stands on end, I get goose bumps, and I feel a wave of emotion or energy. At that moment I know a song is great. Two, I hear the song once and I'm not sure if I like it or not, but the more I listen, the more I savor the song, the more familiar I become with the track, the more I love it and I start to have the same physical symptoms of description number one. These are my favorite songs, they are one of my favorite things in the whole world.

Fact is, music has been on my mind a lot lately, its something I turn to in nearly ever situation. It inspires me, makes me punch the steering wheel, takes me places that I can't be, takes me places I don't want to be. There are albums and artists I love and deeply admire that I will never listen to again because of where it takes me. I have a tendency to attach songs or even albums to certain things in my life, and many albums are associated with people or places, as well as spans of time in my life. Maybe this is not odd, T2 talked about it just recently so I know its not only me that feels this way but its not something people really talk about.

Most people will claim that music is one of their favorite or most important things in their life but never really share why or how its so important. In reality I guess I haven't shared yet either. So I guess I'll share why music is important to me. While some might use music to get away or change their mood, I turn to music to extend the mood that I'm in. If I'm feeling great I'll listen to music that makes me feel even better and same if I'm upset or angry. I'll seek out the music that takes me to that bitter place I feel I need to be. At times it would seem counter productive to some I guess, but for me its how I cope. In a way, music keeps me from running away from where I really need to be, holds me accountable for what I'm feeling, and ensures that I stay there and figure things out, before I move on to that other tune.

So if you ever want to know how I'm really doing and you want to know the truth. Don't ask me how I'm doing, ask me what I'm listening to. Yes now and again you won't understand the significance of the song or album but chances are you will know where I'm at. As for what I'm listening to right now.... Janis Joplin 18 Essential Songs


Tom said...

Tag -- janis joplin + save the whales = A chuckle from T

tes said...

well, as you might imagine, your post put a lot i believe into words i was not able to get down. that's a great observation about using music to extend a mood...i find myself doing that all the time. i guess that's why i get caught up in a lot of things that b thinks-"why would you do that??!?" i guess to feel what i need to. but i'd never thought of it exactly that way...

guess that's also the beauty of the old mix tape. expressing your feelings about something without having to truly be out there. but you hope they can feel it too...

great post...thanks for sharing! getting me thinking at 8 a.m. :)

A.L.O said...

Thinking at 8am, sorry...I'll try to post mid-day from now on :)

The old mix tape that is funny, I don't have many mixed tapes but a few mix CD's and they are fun and make great gifts I heard.

As far as "extending the mood", E says the same thing but it works for me and thanks for putting me in your list!