part 2 of the anti-utah tour

Well I realized due to the busy schedule as of the past few days I'm not completing my segments. The lack of time is really a figment of my imagination because I have plenty of time if I would just get my ass out of bed or not go to bed so early. Unfortunately sleep is such a beautiful thing and I’m attracted to it, like a moth to the light. Anyway in order to finish the Anti-Utah tour, I’m going to be doing it in an abbreviated fashion. So hold on, here we go…

Left off with arriving the Monterey, CA area and we will pick up leaving the same geographical location. Amazingly we were able to leave to the hotel at a very reasonable hour, by 6:15 or so. I say amazing considering that were basically exhausted and drank beer and wine right up until the time we went to bed. Damn Marriot is serving alcohol in the lobby now. They are after our livers, I know it. Any I digress, we were up and to Starfucks again, if they are one thing, they are reliable, I’ll give them that, they are everywhere. Anyway, were waiting for our coffee and some little tikes were in the Starfucks using the bathroom. We had noticed a line outside Best Buy across the way and asked what he was waiting in line for. Of course the Wii, those little guys are dedicated, I know its California but it was cold and they were little troopers just biding their time until they could caress the Nintendo controller goodness. I can remember the day, good old Super C, I can’t blame them one bit. I can’t imagine the bad-ass little guys in Montana, Alaska, and the Yukon (Canada plug eh?) waiting outside in the cold, snow, and wind for their Wii. They all could probably kick my ass, ages 3 and up.

Wow abbreviated is not working.

So we got on the road traveled up toward Sacramento and passed through one of the valleys and the traffic was awesome. Everyone traveling at 95+, with no regard for any authority, that section of highway shaved some time off the old itinerary. It rained all the way into Porkland and we arrived at my sister's house in the early evening where we were warmly greeted by her and her boyfriend, Zeke. No wait a minute they weren’t there, we headed to Bucatti’s for some food and awaited a call from Kinna. Turns out I told her we would be there the next day but either way they were hosts of a very fine fashion and after catching up a little bit we headed to a local place called BOG (Burger of the Gods, I believe). At this point a self proclaimed crackhead tried to take my wife home with him, fortunately for me he went home empty handed. Also meet one of K&Z’s friends and I’ve now forgotten his name but he was amazingly hilarious, even his bad jokes were funny. Good jokes are all about confidence and delivery and he had them both down to a “T”. After BOG we went over to a great pool hall with vinyl records used as art canvases all over the walls. Great hangouts, I wish Phoenix had some places like these, old cities just seem to have more character.

Wow abbreviated is really not working

Next day we slept in (woo-hoo) and I had to do a bit of homework, which always sucks on vacation. Then my sister got off work early (nice isn’t she) and took us downtown. Downtown was pretty typical of a northwestern city but was nice none-the-less. We had lunch and Zeke gave us the extended tour of the waterfront before he headed back for a short stint at the office. After that we hit up the hookah bar, which was really a seven-eleven that rented/leased/shared (not sure what the term is) hookahs. This hookah thing is new to me, but it was fun. I’m pretty sure it has no effect on you except maybe to make you feel lighted headed from breathing so much and it tastes pretty good, especially the double apple. We returned back to their pad for spaghetti, hair extensions, the hookah, the ever reoccurring discussion of immigration, and the cutest little crossbreed dog I’ve every met, Roxy. The next morning we said our good byes to K&Z in their pajamas because we actually got our butts out of bed on time again. Thanks Kinna and Zeke I had a blast and will definitely be coming back to visit again.

Well that takes through us Oregon and I guess we will have to wait for part 3 to hear about the Big Sky state, the Clark Fork, Udaho, and my ability to make up things just for the sake of arguing with my uncle. Thanks for reading, and yes I know I need to work on my abbreviating.

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your trip sounds like it was amazing!!! thanks for sharing it! :)