a couple things not worth noting

So I officially started training for a marathon today, depending on how things go I will either run one in February in Apache Junction, AZ and if things go as I would expect them to, I will be running the marathon in Big Sur, CA in April. I think I might put my run times on my blog for accountability reasons, but I’m not sure yet. Today was 3 miles planned, 3 miles completed, 26 minutes 17 seconds, Wednesday is scheduled for 7 miles, that will be a test and if by some miracle of an ancient running deity I finish that I will attempt to run 10 with Ryan this coming weekend. Imagining running ten miles is rough, I can’t really imagine doing right now, so it sort of puts Ryan’s running in perspective, well as "in perspective" as you can be outside looking in. I was amazingly ill prepared this morning, its much darker and colder in the morning since last time I took to the trail, although running this morning by moonlight was inspiring in some odd way for a first run, tomorrow I'll be wearing a hat and a headlamp.

Another item not worth noting, I bought some new shoes to be my daily kicks for work and etcetera, they are black on black Van’s style slip-ons and they catch me off guard every time I stand up from my desk. New shoes always do this to me, they look odd for a while till I get used to seeing them. I guess it’s much like haircuts (which I obviously don’t get) and new eye glasses, they are just odd until you get accustomed to them. I think adding to the issue is that they look sort of like slippers to me.

Last item not worth noting, I’ve never really been a reggae fan except for Bob Marley singles and the occasional reggae-a-thon that is working with my brother-in-law Dusty, but I have found that I’m enjoying Michael Franti and Spearhead. I know weird name, but they had a great protest song “Light Up Ya Lighter” on a compilation I received for free. It’s my MySpace profile song and you should check them out if you get the chance. The next segment of the Anti-Utah saga is coming but I won’t say soon because I don’t know when I’ll get to it. I should be doing homework now, or work considering that is where I’m at.


tes said...

holy crap you just made my day!!! i am so excited for you!!! of course i have mountains of advice, but no one really wants to hear it when you can learn for yourself. :) i hope you'll write a lot about your training, because you will be learning so much about yourself and about life. it will be so exciting to witness. :) i will say this, tho:

-pick a good first marathon
-run a shorter race or two before the big one
-keep a running journal w/as much detail as you can possibly muster (conditions, eating, times, distance, feelings)
-stretch stretch stretch-in fact have someone else stretch your legs for you after your long run days if possible
-say goodbye to your social life. :)

have fun!!! i will be cheering for you every day. :)

ask your local newspaper if they'll let you do installments on "training for your first marathon!" :)

A.L.O said...

Say good-bye to my social life? Are you kidding, I quit.........Just kidding. I will definitely be keeping a log but a journal might be a bit much. The blog might be as close as I get, I never do well recording except logging time and distance but if you think it will help I'll look into it. Shorter races is a good idea and stretching is something I'll have to work on. Thanks for the advice T, I'll keep you updated. Oh on the newspaper thing, it might be great for you but I can't spell.

tes said...

as far as the journal, for me it was mostly to see what food and drink my stomach could handle long distance (a select few i assure you!) what you eat the day before a long run and just before makes a big difference for some...i ended my first 8-miler by throwing up over a bridge for 15 mins in front of morning rush hour traffic. :)

i'm so excited for you!!! :) i mean, doesn't that sound fun??!?

B said...

You are both nuts. Plain and simple.

Evey Marievey said...

B's right. Definietely nuts.