revenue stream

So as you can see above I've added the Google Ad-Sense advertisements. I'm more curious about the process than making any money so I thought I would give it a go. Unfortunately I won't be able to see the full cycle till I get $100 worth of clicks and I'm not suppose to attempt to persuade you into clicking, so ten years from now I still will never have completed the process, oh well. I would put up some nude photos of myself but A. no one wants to see that B. the Ad-Sense agreement says no porn. I should do them tastefully then they are art, not porn, right? Anyway that is the mini-update for today, my up coming posts will include my aspirations to travel the world.


B said...

I'll be sure to click twice as often if there are promises of no nude Carl's on here. And, yes, tiny black undies are also counted as porn.
Oh, and please no Hot Carl's either. Otherwise, I can't visit while at work.

A.L.O said...

Thanks man appreciate it, also I can't make any promises!