i'm dying to know

Well its seems death is in the air, sort of sobering I guess, not that I'm drunk or anything. Ok now you think I'm actually drunk and there is nothing I can say to convince you otherwise. Back to the subject, with the passing of former President Gerald Ford, the King of Soul James Brown, and the imminent death of the Wacky Iraqi Saddam Hussein, the media is having a field day with depressing news coverage of death. I try not to think about death I guess, makes me sad and also makes me think irrational thoughts. Things like, I should just quit work and live day-to-day like a bum, see the world. Or, I should quit saving money and spend it all, its there to be enjoyed right? Also, I should do something the will really help/change/take over/save the world. What is it about the thought of death makes life's time line seem so short? Now accidental or homicidal death aside, I would say I have a good amount of living left to do, but for some reason when I think of not being alive it all truncates. I feel as though it have until next month to do and see everything. I know its irrational and makes no sense but sometimes I wonder if I would live a more fulfilling life if I lived everyday like the end was near? People always say "live everyday like its your last" but really that would probably kill you, if you weren't dying already. I guess the best you can do is find the life balance that is comfortable for you, secure but adventurous, safe but not boring. Its a tough balance but one I think is worthy of the attention.


Evey Marievey said...

As far as religion goes, the practice of thinking about death is intended to keep you devoted to living a "godly" life.
What you think of that depends on your opinion on organized religion.

A.L.O said...

Its not a religious thought for me, its more about the things that I will get to do and see in my life, and how much of it I get to spend enjoying life versus fighting life (work, bills, etc). I've basically resolved that in the end I will be fertilizer for future generations, but maybe that is what scares me a bit too.

tes said...

yes, the span of life is quite small compared with the eternity of death, depending on what you believe...:)