another elvis sighting

So I was listening to leftist NPR on my morning drag race to work yesterday and caught a story about the Bush family nemesis from the Middle East, Saddam. Turns out that the country in which he decided torture, murder, impoverish, and otherwise make miserable has decided that he should be punished by death. I’m not really in the market for arguing his case, our place in Iraq, capital punishment, or any other items along those lines, but I just wanted to point out something that struck me as odd this morning. During the story on NPR the reporter said that his death sentence would, and could be carried out at anytime in the next 30 days. Also it would happen at an undisclosed location and time, in hopes of preventing violent retaliations from his supporters.

Now we live in a country that claims to see Elvis, Kurt Cobain, and copious other dead celebrities on a regular basis. We are also a country of conspiracy theorists and skeptics. Did we ever actually go to the moon, the trilateral commission, and who killed JR are always fun ones to bring up. So if they carry out Saddam’s punishment in an undisclosed location and at an undisclosed time, do you think the world is ever really going to believe he is dead? I know they can have the government “confirm” his death, or maybe show his dead body, but really does anyone ever believe the government. Even if they do show the body won’t there be violent protests anyways? I’m not sure but whatever happens, when the government is involved it generally gets ugly.

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