i resolve to kick ass and take names

New Year’s resolutions, what fun! I'll go with 1024x768, ooohhh...bad geek joke, sorry. All the things you can imagine yourself doing in the new year that you won’t, and come next year you will resolve to do them again but fail miserably because its who you are and you can’t really change that, now can you? I might as well resolve to learn to fly like a bird, win the lotto, speak Chinese, and cure cancer because each are as likely as what I actually plan to do. Like most people, I have tons of things that I would love to resolve to-do but most of them won't happen. One problem with my goals this year is that they are not really all that measurable. Play the guitar, climb, run, hike, backpack, travel, and so and so forth. So I’ve decided to approach it a little different than most years and instead of setting daily, weekly, or monthly goals, I’m going to attempt to set an attainable annual goal. Now this will require two things, persistence and documentation, both of which I suck, but I guess they are now part of the resolutions too. So with no further ado I’m setting my resolutions here in cyber-stone.

-Quit drinking the caffeinated goodness that is soda
-Learn the meaning of moderation when it comes to sugar
-Run a marathon
-Travel to two places that require my passport, excluding Canada and Mexico
-Resolve all of my debt entirely
-Spend 24 nights backpacking

Now onto the weird ones that only make sense to me in my ridiculous and perverse mind.

-Run 1100 total miles
-Hike 180 total miles

Weird yes, but I left out a few others that are more awkward until I have them ironed out. Once I get the documenting process in place I’m sure I’ll share it with everyone, I’m like that you know. So that is my plan for next year. I’ll be finishing up my degree in the first half of the year and I’ll be taking a class on how to play guitar as well. Things are looking up for 2007, yoga has peeked my interest in recent history and is suppose to help my climbing so maybe that will make it into the mix too. Last but not least, I plan to blog regularly, you know 5 times a week or so. As it turns out, blogging is much easier when it’s not the holidays and there is no homework due tomorrow. So please bear with me as I get a system figured out to get all this done and still sleep. Generally when thinking about accomplishing things is overwhelming, actually trying to do them is impossible. What the hell I’ll give it a shot. See you 2007, whoopee.


Evey Marievey said...

I have an idea that might just help you to follow through with all your New Year's resolutions...You kick ass and I'll take names. That way you only have to do 1/2 the work.
This method, as applied to your "learn the meaning of moderation when it comes to sugar" resolution, goes like this: You keep yourself from buying an Emperor Sized Butterfinger during the day and I won't bake brownie goodness every week.
We could go to Yoga together, that way your killing two birds with one stone. Yoga is done AND your spending time with me.
Wow. I rock at this. I could go on...

tes said...

i can't believe it's 12/28, and i STLL haven't done my resolutions!!!

thanks for the reminder to get crackin! fun to see someone else's goals. :)

Curtis said...

look.. its your lame joke, but in picture form!