its not over till its over

So yes, yesterday I did go out and see Rocky Balboa with Curtis and Eve, and it was everything I hoped it would be without going "Over the Top". I think for as generally ignorant as Sylvester Stallone may appear on the telescreen he definitely knows the concept of "audience and purpose", and makes his movies to fit that mold. So right on Sly, good work but please no wheelchair rematches with Apollo.

Now the running update, its official I need to take a couple weeks off, if I don’t want to end up in surgery. The achilles tendon is still sore after my 8 miles yesterday morning and I need to commence ice, ibuprofen, and rest for a couple weeks. In the mean time I'll place insoles in my daily shoes, and buy new running shoes. This puts me out of the running for the Apache Junction marathon but oh well I don’t want to go under the knife for being stubborn. It’s pretty disappointing for me, but I feel its better to be safe than very expensive surgery sorry. I will let you know when I’m back on the trail.


tes said...

sounds like a wise move, even tho it's tough. you can guarantee there will always be another marathon, but you are certainly never guaranteed your health!

Tom said...

didn't appolo creed get waxed in Rocky IV?