Plan 9 from Syracuse

Ryan Dacko's "Plan 9 from Syracuse" is an amazing attempt to follow his life long dream to make movies. After completing several scripts during his time as an enlisted sailor in the US Coast Guard, Ryan made the industry acclaimed “And I Lived.” Now he has set out to generate the funding to make several future major motion pictures in the upstate New York area.

The plan: To run 2,950 miles from the Eastwood Palace Theatre in Syracuse, NY to Clint Eastwood's hands on Hollywood Blvd for a chance at thirty minutes with a major Hollywood producer.

Ryan set out toward the west coast with no guarantees of ever getting a meeting with his to-be-announced producer. Hoping to create Internet media attention by utilizing Web 2.0 mediums such as weblogs, video, photos, and any other user maintained content, Ryan tracks his progress via GPS readings and updates his website and blog on a nearly daily basis. Running enthusiasts, movie fans, and inspired supporters follow Ryan's progress and interact with him on MySpace.

When Ryan reached Denver he announced Mark Cuban as his mystery producer who’s thirty minutes of time is worth 2,950 miles of running. In his blog, he explains why:

“…He [Cuban] is not afraid to try new ideas and take chances. From his working class background, to his entrepreneurship into the internet universe which has since become legendary—he has never lost that vision of making great things happen with hard work, maximum effort, and original thinking.”
Ryan's dedication to his project has him fast approaching Flagstaff, AZ with plans on traveling through Las Vegas, NV on his way to Hollywood, CA. He is pressing forward with the Rocky Mountains behind him, the Hollywood lights ahead and the hope that Hollywood and the world will see in him what he sees himself--A movie director dedicated to his dream.

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