bring on the mini-update

Alright a few things that are not note worthy. I'm sort of digging the not note worthy, slogan. Maybe it will migrate into something more in the future.

First item of unnoteworthyness: Today's inspiration. Last night while talking about running and the typical american folk with Curtis and Eve, Eve told Curits that I'm not average. Though I didn't say anything at the time, this comment made me feel great. Though she did not really mean it a general overall sense and I am taking it out of context, it still made feel good. Anywho, my inspiration for today was to not be average, thanks Evie. And I know I'm horrible at conveying sarcasm in my writing, and within that paragraph (if you want to call it that) there is none!

Second item of unnoteworthyness: Training, so the planned milage for today was slated for 7 miles. Now don't take this the wrong way but I was certain I was going to make the full distance before I even left. Not because I'm overly confident or arrogant but because I'm stubborned and my training lacks planning. I run an out and back route, you know basically running out half the distance I need to run, and then running back home. So Monday I ran 3 miles and was alright upon completion, so I was pretty certain I could run 3.5 miles out. The trick would be the other 3.5 getting back. So really it was more a matter of how long it would take, than if I was going to be capable. So the offical tally is 7 miles planned, 7 miles completed, 71 minutes. I think I could do much better time wise with a few things going in my favor. One, light, running an unmaintained trail by moonlight slows me down a bit. Two, not taking a wrong turn in the dark and starting up the North Mountain trail, basically straight up, at the 3 mile mark. This took some wind out of me but once I came back down and leveled out I felt fine. There will be more updates on my physical discomfort tomorrow I'm sure. So if you can call two days of running training, training is going swell. I plan on doing 10 miles with Ryan on Sunday, hopefully he is cool with that, I should call him. This will also give me a chance to test my theory on light and trail quality, but I will also get to enjoy joint-jolty asphault and a higher elevations but enough with the excuses, its 10 miles or bust.

Third item of unnoteworthyness: Adsense update, looks like you folks are clicking your little hearts out, thanks and keep it up. I'm up to roughly $15, at this rate you guys are going to drive me to the poor house, just kidding. If I ever get the $100 check we are all going out, drinks on me up to $100. Had to throw the disclaimer in just in case my blog blows up and I make millions, I don't want to make my friends alcoholics. While on the Adsense kick, I finally got my blog on the Google Index and it was pretty easy, just took some time, so hopefully that helps readership.

So I believe that is all my items of unnoteworthyness for today, I still need to write about my sweet, sweet, Judy Garland socks (thanks K) but that will have to wait. Thanks for reading...


tes said...

that's AWESOME! :) you're a natural!!!

Evey Marievey said...

When does the world get to see my sock modeling debut?! I'm stoked for this, it could be my big break!