i'd kick my own ass

So over the weekend I attended, what I once would of never foreseen myself attending, a pop concert. This was not just any pop concert thou, this was an ex-boyband, synchronized dancing, tabloid ridden, girl shrilling Justin Timberlake concert. A concert that if I would have proclaimed my attendance to during an average rock concert, probably would have resulted with me being riddled with beer cups, M&Ms, D-cell batteries, spiked wallet chains, and probably someone's sacrificial goat. I'm not going to try to defend my position in going to a JT (that's Mr. JT to you!) concert because in all honesty I not only wanted to go, I looked forward to it. Maybe its old age, commercial brainwashing, or the acceptance that I'm not hard-core now, and I never really was. Now you might ask what I see in this platinum selling pop culture icon and it comes down to 4 things, a good beat, catchy lyrics, a reason to dance, and the way he moves his hips. Wait, scratch that last one, its 3 things I'm just jealous of the 4th. So all-in-all the show was destined to be an all around good time, and it was. He played all the songs I wanted to hear, had an impressive stage presence, knew where he was geographically, and didn't run at the mouth like some other performers of the past. So on a scale of 1-10, I'd give the show an 8+ for what it was, but sorry JT you're no Cedric Bixler, Scott Weiland, or Reverend Maynard.


B said...

I do not condone anyone going to a JT show. Perhaps you need to re-visit this website: http://www.youhavebadtasteinmusic.com
The Justin Timberlake concert is, conveniently, at the top of the list.

Why on earth do the tags of "Maynard, sacrifical goats and Timberlake" bring ads for Widespread Panic Ringtones?

Tom said...

It's ok man, we all have our dirty little secrets. Take mine for example, the B-52's. You want someone who should get their ass kicked if it's not me for that then I don't know what to tell you.