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As I’ve made very apparent in the last few posts, I’ve been keenly interested in New Year’s resolutions as of late. For obvious reasons I think, anyway I also mentioned the fact that I read an article about a Professor that is doing a study on New Year’s resolutions. As I come to find out from Eve, I never actually said that I was participating in the study. I thought some of you that are interested in the scientific process and statistics might be interested to see what they have been asking me thus far. I’ll try to keep up as things go on.

This first set of question was a general questionnaire.

1) Is this the first time you have taken part in this experiment?

2) Are you male or female?

3) How old are you? (This was divided into age groups)

4) Where in the world do you live? If your country is not listed here, please select the 'other' option shown at the end of the list.

5) If you live in the UK, please indicate whether you are in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, or Wales. If you live outside the UK, please leave this question blank.

6) In general, have you been able to achieve your New Year's resolutions in the past?

The second question was a fill in the box that asked:

1) Please BRIEFLY note down how you have applied these ideas. For example, have you told someone your goal? Have you written your resolution down? Where have you placed the paper?

Thus far that is all they have asked me, but I intend on continuing to answer their questions as long as it doesn’t get out of control.

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