my internet is down

As many people point out to me nearly everyday, I grew up in the computer slash internet generation. For some reason my people, the roughly 30 and younger crowd, grew up with the computer thus know everything about computers. Yeah right! Now we could debate, especially among geeks, how much most people really know about computers and especially the internet but I will leave that to a single quote from my very internet savvy friend Zeke, "THE INTERNET IS NOT DOWN, its just your connection that sucks". Anyway, with the propagation of the internet to all corners of the globe including those places that can't get water, food, or medicine, most everyone with regular access to the internet has a number that they have come to associate with all things interweb related. Myself, I have always use the trusty 21. Now the oddity in all this is the number 21 has absolutely no significance to me conscientiously, just that I use it when the sweet internet handles, such as uberhaxor, kittentits, and 2legit2quit, that I so deeply desire are taken by some other equally clever minded person. So now I wonder if this number is subconsciously telling me something? Is it the age I desire to be, the number of millions I should be making off my blog, or the number times I'm going to push an amazingly heavy, blistering hot boulder up a 10 mile path covered in goat heads in my bare feet for not accepting a deity of some sort. Either way I have no idea where or why I use this number and I know many of you also use a number as well. What is it and if you know, why did you select it?


Evey Marievey said...

Kittentits. Nice.

Also, I'm glad you linked that goat head thing. I was super grossed out until I clicked it.

My number is 44. When I set up my first email account, it was the exit I had to take off of the interstate to get to my house. And yes, I still have that account.

By the way, your flickr thingy rocks much harder than mine.

Curtis said...

I don't have a number like that. My email address has 2 at the end because thats what my ISP gave me, my regular "handle" has 3 in it because its part of the name (go ahead, look up excess 3), and those are the only things I can think of with numbers in them. I don't have a chosen number I use more than the rest, I love all numbers equally! (Except 0, 0 isn't really a number. By its very definition it is not a number.)