child size

I read this article today and still haven't decided what to think. I would like to think that the parents have their child's best interest in mind, but I don't know. I would not want my parents running my life. Then again I have the mental capacity to know that, does she? It is really odd, I'm all for the advancement of medicine and use of science (though I think it will be the demise of the human race), but at what capacity can you use it to control someone else's life? What are your thoughts?


tes said...

well here is what i find interesting...

the word "debate" never pops up (i don't think!) in that post, yet it spurred your google ads to change to debate-related ads.

the demise of the human race will not be medicine, but google. how is it so damn intelligent??!? ;)

A.L.O said...

I don't think the medicine itself will be the demise of the human race. I think that the mutation of viruses and diseases due to the use of antibiotics and medicines will. You know the classic super virus theory.

Anyway Google unfortunately knows all but my guess is that I used a certain key word or maybe its all the question marks?