perpetual unnoteworthiness

I’ve posted a few pictures from our trip to San Diego that was most awesome. I have to say that it was one of my most enjoyable and probably memorable New Year’s celebrations of all time. Now the most awkward New Year’s happenings goes to the 1999-2000 celebration, where I played football on an iceberg, captured a penguin, and watched a few of my friends nearly get eaten by an orca. Yes, an orca nearly ate my friends. So enjoy the pictures and I might have to post some old 1999-2000 pictures.

The resolutions are going strong in some departments and just gearing up in others. No soda or unnecessary sugar thus far and it has not been too extremely difficult but it’s only the fourth, right? I had a massive craving for my mother-in-law’s peanut butter & Hershey kiss cookies yesterday, and was glad because I’m allowed to still eat those when they are around. Only baked sugary goods and soda in mixed drinks, I mean you have realistic about this stuff! The official fitness goals start Sunday but running will probably not start until late January. I did a few pull-ups and push-ups for good measure, as I wanted to see if my spreadsheet was working. It wasn’t so, I fixed it and I’m ready for the big push come Sunday.

Last item of note, today our (cross your fingers) good friends, the democrats take the house and senate. They have big plans that will most likely be fought, vetoed, and diseased by the executive branch and the remaining republican politicians but we can hope and support the changes we all voted for.

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