welcome to 2007, its going to be a good one

One of my favorite holidays has come and gone, and with the final cheers and jeers of the past year behind me, I’m very much looking forward to this New Year. I, like most people, hope this year will be a great year, but I have a hunch that it is going to be all I could hope for and more. It has been so far! The resolutions are now in full swing, although I can’t run yet, I'm looking forward to getting all my goals accomplished. Tentative trips include Iceland, New Zealand, "The Bob" Marshall Wilderness, Sycamore Canyon, and Bandelier. As far as the debt goes, I made a real attempt to make that one as difficult as possible over the weekend, by dipping into the checking account about as many times as I dipped E on the dance floor. I’m a dipping and spinning type of dancer if you cared to know. A word of advice, the ladies loved to be spun, or so I’m told. So E and I have our work cut out for us, budgeting two global vacations and paying down all our debt. I’m sure it can be done but you folks better get to clicking so I have some spending cash!

I’ve been reading a lot about other peoples' resolutions and I've come to conclusion that everyone basically has the same resolutions. From what I can see everyone is attempting some form of time management and/or will power in the New Year. Everyone needs to take time to exercise, fight the urge to devour their weight in chocolaty goodness, or say/not say everything that comes to mind. For me it’s the same thing, get up in time to do pull-ups before work, no Dr. Pepper at work, and I really don’t need for that new wiz-bang camping gadget. Will power and time management the New Years resolutions of the world. I hope everyone’s festivities were grand and have a great 2007!

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