trail mix and fruit cups

Do you ever really take a day off? I mean really take the day off, no homework, no laundry, no cleaning, bills, or trips to the grocery store? Eve and I had plans for getting ready the upcoming week yesterday by completing many of the above mentioned items but after apathetically moving our pajama clad assess from the bed to the couch we decided to do nothing. What a great choice! So instead of being proactive and all that bullshit, we sat on the couch, ate trail mix and fruit cups, and mocked Troy Aikman while we watched the Colts and Bears, persevere against their lack luster reputations as chokers and losers. I accomplished nothing yesterday but watching football, movies, and playing guitar. Now my laundry needs to be done, I have no food in the fridge, and cleaning toilets will have to wait a few more days but I feel rested and relaxed, like I really had a weekend.

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Curtis said...

I try to take a day off everyday. It rarely works